My instagram explore page was briefly nothing but pictures of possums and possum memes.

I am 100% OK with that kind of psychological experiment being performed on me.

Can we all agree that Harold Crick (Stranger Than Fiction) is autistic!

Once again, a cello solo has caused me to burst into tears.

Just because you put SHARE on it doesn't mean I'm not going to eat the whole bag by myself

Jesus died so I could have english muffin pizzas for breakfast.

Why do none of the Sega things (like the Genesis-mini or the Nintendo Switch Sega thing) have Starflight?!?

Asking people how they feel about Elon Musk is the new asking people how they feel about Joe Rogan.

picking a mastodon server to join is easy -- just think of it like you're allying with one of many families in a war-torn medieval land, each with their own histories, feuds, laws, blood rituals

I'm assuming Tom Cruise spends most of his evenings watching Top Gun Maverick and touching himself.

One benefit to ending up in a post-apocalyptic hellscape is that there will be fewer people who don't use their turn signal when changing lanes.

For the last goddamn time, Stuart Little isn't a mouse. He just LOOKS like one.

I cleaned my glasses and now I can see forever into the future and the past.

To get the smell of burning out of your dryer, soak a rag in white vinegar & water, then dry it in the dryer.

if i didn't reply to your text its because i exist within a chaotic maelstrom of ephemeral phenomena and sensory experiences where the only meaning or narrative continuity is that which arises in my own mind and also i forgot

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